You Create Your World

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.
-James Allen

Have you ever noticed in retrospect that the things that have brought you through your journey to where you are right now were of your own making?

Think back to your thoughts leading up to an experience or situation. Did you have reservations as to the outcome of the event? Were you bubbling with expectation of a grand result? Were you blazé as to how the event unfolded?

I know in my life that my thoughts and expectations tend to show up as the out-picturing of my life experiences or are instrumental in the creation of my experiences.

Thoughts create. while they may not create the exact experience, it will tend to create the experience of your dominate thoughts.

Sometimes, in order to have the experience you desire, you need to let go of the how and the why.

When I was a carpenter in Puerto Rico, I gave my crew a task and told them how I wanted it done. They said, “No, that’s not how we don’t it. I tried to insist, but I realized I just had to let go and trust and, it didn’t work, we would do it my way. Suffice it to say, in their environment they’re way worked, and probably more easily than mine. If I hadn’t let go of the idea that my way was the only way, I wouldn’t have achieved the results I did in the time frame of the experience.

I had to let go of the idea that I was right! When I did the universe delivered the expected result.

Works for me! How about you?

~rev jim
Spirit Education