Join our World Healing Meditation Online on 12/31/18!

The World Healing Meditation started in 1986 with John Randolph Price and the Quartus Foundation. In the first years, it brought the consciousness of more than 500 million people together at the same time in all time zones around the world to pray for Peace. While I don’t expect to be joined by that many, I hope that we can fill the room. We will meet online on ZOOM at 7am Eastern time in the United States.  Information for “How to join us” is below.Imagine-300x225

I’ve been facilitating the World Healing Meditations personally for many years. I started back in about 2001 officially at the Center of Positive Living (now CSL St. Augustine) in St. Augustine, FL under the tutelage of Rev. Elizabeth Claire. We have always used the John Randolph Price prayer as the basis of the meditative gathering and his desire became our desire for the world. For a few years during the last 14 years I presented to the City Council a proclamation for September 21st World Peace Day. Peace has been my personal desire for the world.

With the help of some friends, we built a Peace Pole at the Center, which stands today. On it, in French, Spanish, English, Arabic, and Braille, is written “Let Peace Prevail.”

And today, Peace does prevail. Amidst protests, and conflicts,our world today sees greater peace than has ever been in many millennia. Is it a perfect Peace? No. Does the world yet work for everyone? Not yet.

What does this mean for us? It means we pray. It means we move ever forward in our individual and collective desires to see it happen. We do not individually have to “make it happen,” but we can allow for that to be our “prevailing desire” and by the setting of our attention on our intention, it will happen.

Why? Because our thought is the most powerful thing in the universe, because we are each powerful, co-creators with God!

Attend from the comfort of your own home, listen from your car, or from anywhere you can call in. You can connect by Zoom on your smart phone, tablet, PC/Mac, or by phone, whatever is easiest for you.

Help us heal the world and bring us closer to #aworldthatworksforall.

Also, look for a Center or church in your area that may be participating and join them as an option.

How to Join us:

Topic: World Healing Meditation
Time: December 31, 2018 at 7am Eastern, 6am Central, 5am Mountain, 4am Pacific

Length: 30 minutes

There is a 100 participant limit to this event.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

For those joining us online, please note, Audio is turned off for participants initially in this meeting, in case you join late.