What Turns You On?


What sets your soul on fire? What in you tells you that, in spite of all that may or may not have happened or may be happening around you right now, that you will succeed in whatever you are pursuing?

There is something in each one of us, that deeply tells us, not in words, but in feelings, when we’re doing something worthwhile, that it IS just that, WORTHWHILE!  It may not even be for us.

It may be a selfless act for which we are never even acknowledged, but it doesn’t mater, because it was the right thing to do.

We can be assured though, that some day, in some way, karma insures that something, something will be repaid. We may never even realize it, nor do we have to, because the thing we did has, in fact, been repaid many times over already.

Cause and Effect is one of the laws that always repays us somehow. We can’t avoid it even by doing nothing, because nothing happens. How boring.

When you give yourself to life fully, life give back. We just need to accept it graciously.

from Love, in Peace,


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