What is your Spiritual Practice?

spiritual-practiceDo you have a spiritual practice? Does it sound too woo-woo for a manly man, or even a highly motivated woman? Chances are you do and don’t even realize it. But don’t worry, I wont tell anyone.

Basically, Spiritual Practice is all about taking care of you. Mostly, we find ourselves taking care of others, helping them with their life’s, but usually at the expense of our own. So, here are a few of my spiritual practices.

1. Meditation. You might say, “I don’t know how to meditate!” Or “I can’t sit with my legs crossed!”, but it’s not about that. It’s about you sitting or standing or walking quietly. It’s about putting away the problems of the world and your life and being “in the moment.” When you are in the moment, you are allowing your inner self to just be in peace.

2. A Daily Reading. Whether you choose a short faith-based reading, like something from the Bible, the Quran, or the Habbalah, or you choose something like “Around the Year” by Emmett Fox, or something more secular like “The Seven Decisions” by Andy Andrews, or “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach, you are able to continue to create that uplifting space that you began in meditation.

3. Journaling. Writing down your thoughts from this place you have created to this point can help clear up some of the issues that may have come up for you during your meditation and your reading. Write about it. It is definitely therapeutic and you can look back to your journey later through these “Aha moments” you have experienced.

4. Mindful Eating. Knowing your body is your temple, what are you doing to create a more healthy eating program for yourself? Think about it.

5. Healthy Lifestyle. This is a broad area in which we can adjust our behavior and interactions with others. We can be more discerning with whom we interact. Are your interactions always of a combative nature? Are the people you hang with negative or demeaning to others? Are you watching TV that makes you angry all the time? Remember, change is good.

6. General Acts of Kindness. Holding a door for someone or a simple smile can do so much to uplift someone’s day and make their life better, if only for a moment. It doesn’t cost a thing and it gives back to you as well.

7. Gratitude. It cant be stressed enough that being grateful is a powerful practice. Gratitude is reflected in everything you do or say. It’s the starting point for change and the action that can allow change.

What else might you do to change and uplift your life? I’d love to hear!


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