What is your Spiritual Practice?

Meditating about GodDo you even realize you may have a spiritual practice? Do you find yourself sitting on the front porch just staring at the evening sky lost in contemplation? Do you sit in front of the tube and realize about fifteen minutes into a show that you haven’t heard or seen a thing that was said? Or, do you find yourself sitting at a traffic light in your car not realizing the light has changed until you hear the blare of horns behind you urging you to move your arse?

Meditation is a form of spiritual practice and it could be that the universe is trying to get a message to you during these supposed lapses, or maybe it has given you a message that you’re running with and you just thought it was your idea all along.

How about your health? Where do you sit with that? Do you feel perfect health is something you have to work hard at to attain, or do you see it as your birthright? Do you try to treat your body like a temple, or do you treat it like some Mayan ruins? Do you even believe that your perfect health is attainable? Believing in yourself is at least half the success of seeing that in your life.

from Love, in Peace,


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