What is Chaos?

chaosChaos is the product of our ego. It is that part of us that has to be in charge and has to be right. Does it sound like anyone you know? It is part of our overblown self worth that tells us everyone is out to get us, that we can’t trust anyone, that they’re all out to get us.

It is the untruth trying to save our ass. It makes things up to reinforce our point of view.

Just imagine for a minute, if we examined those thoughts of distrust. Where would they lead? Probably back to beliefs that have unconsciously been injected into our psyche from external sources, like our family, our friends, politicians, and even the media. It probably started with our parents saying something like “don’t play with matches or you’ll get burned!”  That was true. And so we began to trust this ego, because it saved us, or could have from a worse fate.

Pretty soon, we’re beginning to believe more things our sources tell us, some not so true. We form a basis on which to build a philosophy, albeit a false one, based on others unchallenged beliefs. It was easy. We didn’t have to think about a thing, and we’ve written our book of life and how to blame it on others.

All we need to do is a little self examination of these things we’ve allowed ourselves to be told, to begin to look at our thoughts critically, to reexamine what we have believed with the reality of what is actually going on around us, and we might find a whole new way to think and believe. We can walk our own path to freedom, to liberation from the fear of everything we thought we knew, until we found out they weren’t even our thoughts.

That’s what happens when be begin to think for ourselves. When we decide to stop being sheep, and walk upright, the view becomes less confused, less obstructed by assholes of the sheep we are following. We begin to rise above the crowd, and begin to see clearly.


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