What if

what-if42818What if life actually worked for you.
What if you didn’t have to be at the affect me of the world?
What if you didn’t have to be a victim?
What if you could let go of the story that you created of victim hood?
What if there is a power in the universe that wants you to succeed?
What if everything you ever wanted is there for your asking?
What if you are the only one keeping you from having all that you desire?
What if success is simply having the willingness to allow it in your life?
What if refocusing your attention was all you need to do to set a new intention?
What if you are awesome?
What if you could allow yourself o believe that?
What if you could allow yourself to believe that you are not your story?
What if your story was just a historical reference showing you how you got to where you are, but had nothing to do with where you are going?
What if you determine your life by the way you think about it?

Life gives you what you put into it.

What if you believed this?

-rev jim


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