We already have it. We just can’t see it.

“God has nothing to give us. Everything that God is, we already are; all that God has, is already ours. We can come into the experience of this by relaxing from the fear of what we shall or shall not have tomorrow.” -Joel Goldsmith, Practicing the Presence

Fear almost always seems to be the primary thing that separates us from our good; fear of not being liked, fear of being alone, fear of not being paid, so many fear options. We sometimes seem to stumble through life from one bad scene in a “B” rated horror movie to the next. To many, it seems never-ending. We blame God, man, our cars, our employers, everyone, but ourselves. 

We take courses in prosperity, succeeding in business, changing our personality, even try to be like our guru or mentor. We do all this before we ever try to embrace who we are.
I have said this many times and in many ways. Before we can love anyone, we must learn to love ourselves. Before we can be a success, we must know that we are already a success. We must embrace who we are and where we are before there can be any meaningful and substantial change for us. We must change how we see ourselves in order to see change in our lives.

As so many before me have said, “we are powerful beyond our imagination.”
Helen Keller once said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

Until we can love or be loved, or a success, or anything else, we need to feel that in our heart. We find it easy to feel fear, because fear relies on something external and there are tons of ways to feel less than, especially when you buy into someone else’s thoughts about you or any other thing. Doubt is an easy convert, especially if you don’t believe in yourself.

Here’s a simple thing to do that can help you to realize that we live in an infinite universe of a living God and that anything you want to co-create in your life you can, if you believe in you.

Walk outside or look in a magazine and look at a tree or at the grass and try to count the leaves on a single tree or the blades of grass of a lawn. You can’t and even if you tried, some old leaves would fall and new ones be added before you ever reached a final count.

Now, apply this to the possibility that something you know how to do and do well. The way you do it is your unique version of creating that thing. That unique style can be of use to an untold number of people. That could be the start of something that could change not only your life, but the lives of many others.

All of this begins with you believing in yourself, and in order to do that, you must love yourself. For that we get back to the beginning of this article and changing the way you see yourself. That is all about changing your thinking. To do that, think of today as the first day of the rest of your life. Yesterday is history and has no control over the present moment.

Tomorrow is unformed and something you can mold in your image of it. Right now is where it can begin.

When? It has to be now. Tomorrow never comes. There is only this moment

Where? The change takes place within you and me.

What? You can be whatever you believe you can be.

How? Change comes by believing in yourself and trusting your inner self.

Why? Why not? What have you got to lose you if you don’t like what you’re doing now? If the first thing doesn’t pan out, try another.

Remember, Thomas Edison created the light bulb over a thousand times before he got it right.


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