The Thunder of Silence – A journey to Awakening

Join me as we lose ourselves and find “I AM,” without ever going any further than our heart.

How we look at life determines a great deal in how we look at ourselves and our place in the universe. Do you see the Bible’s Old Testament as a Karmic Text? As ye sow, so shall ye reap? An exercise in understanding the ideas of Good and Evil?

How we envision the Divine, determines how we pray. This work even challenges the way we pray as Religious Scientists.

What is the thing we want from our life here?

What do we need to Thrive? Money? Fame? Another prosperity workshop?

Join us on a journey to reclaim the only thing we need, to be what Spirit wants for us. As Goldsmith says, “making the transition from a thinking human mind to a mind at rest in a state of awareness.”

Through inquiry, self-love, and meditation, we will allow ourselves to become in greater awareness of the connection we have with the Absolute.

The cost is a Love Offering and your time and conscious growth.

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