The Joy really is in the Journey!

People say, “The joy is in the journey,” but they rarely understand what they are saying. You are in this focused time/space reality with goals and objectives that call you because as you identify a desire it literally summons life through you. Life summoning through you is what it’s all about —it’s not the completion of anything.
—Abraham, excerpted from the workshop: Chicago, IL on November 01, 1998

Wow! This has so hit home for me as developed my website for my first focus ministry., Spirit On The Road. And, literally it was a journey all over the eastern United States.

What I found out though, was that success isn’t always measured in dollars and cents. There are many facets to success. I experienced many of them along the way. There was a lot of travelling, which I did enjoy. I shared what I was doing with all the CSL communities along the way, and I met many wonderful people along the way. I cherished those years in my motor home. Ultimately, I was able to help a couple of spiritual seed groups get started, and introduced Science of Mind to a few communities that had been previously unserved.

As for it paying for itself, that never happened. It turned into an act of SEVA. That was ok, because I was fortunate enough to have a job that didn’t require a great deal of work during that period and still brought me a decent income.

I learned through this experience that the joy IS in the journey, not in the destination. Along the way I made many like-minded friends, and gave support to many who otherwise may have not been supported as they were. I visited a lot of new places to me, and experienced the diversity those areas offered.

~ rev jim
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