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No Mud, No Lotus

I signed up for this course as a review on “forgiveness to freedom”. I would recommend this course to all who have journeyed this path and those who have not. It was focused, well prepared and nuggets shared by all. The dyads are a great way to meet others and to experience sharing. Rev. Michelle assigned us the material in advance to ready us for each class. Her passion for this course is released in love. She creates a safe place for one and all to be vulnerable and to go as deep as you wish. You are never alone in this class. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Many Blessings of freedom and joy!

Mary Ellen Cassey

Shifting Perspectives

The “No Mud, No Lotus” class continues to be very valuable for me as I’m shifting my perspective as I recognize how past events warp my current experiences, causing them to feel less than what they are. I’m seeing a greater Truth that is quite sweet & so supportive. Yay!

Jenn Fay, RScP, Falls Church, VA

5 Levels of Attachment course- I love it!

I just finished the course. I love it! Muchas gracias, I really enjoy the class and the teacher, All my love from the south of the south

Ana F., Argentina, S.A. October 19, 2016

Thrive class

A lot of material to cover in a short period of time. I enjoy the interactions with everyone very much. Mary is prepared and is a kind and thoughtful moderator.

RevHB, FtL, FL