Take your head out of your past!

Most of the time, we think of death as being the end of life. The definition for rebirth is “to be born again!” Put the two together, dying to the old” and “born again,” and you have what many evangelicals refer to as being “Born again.”

I think of being born again as being a daily event at the very least. Every day of our life we have “stuff” happen in our lives, which offer us an opportunity for growth. The good things we want to grow, and the bad things we want to go away. The good things carry us on a high, until we hit a wall. When the bad happens, we tend to hold on to it, where we shall under just shake it off, and oft times we allow it to become our story, the reason that thing didn’t work. We then wallow in that place and use it as a bragging point as to why we shouldn’t continue trying to achieve that or something even better. “The pain just isn’t”t worth it! It ruined my life. I’ll never be the same again. I am a failure!”

Have you ever heard that? People give up for no good reason at all. Imagine if Thomas Edison had given up on creating the light bulb! It took him thousands of attempts to create it, but he didn’t give up. In the same way, at one point in my life after I had become self employed I thought, “I could make a lot more money going back to banking!” I even went as far as to schedule a couple of job interviews and even went to one of them. It was while I was in the first interview that I realized why I had become self employed in the first place, and really redoubled my efforts to make my business work! All that it took was to “take my head out of my past” and bring it back to the present moment and do the work. With that, the work became fun and the chore was no more! I had been born again! Woo-hoo!

It was at that point that one more piece of my spiritual puzzle began to make sense. It was at that point that I realized (again) that I wasn’t at the effect of some external force, some external power, but that there was within me a power that if directed to a purpose, activated and became my life experience.

The “God in me” expressed in, through, and as me. IT created as me the new experience I wanted in my life and has pretty much, ever since. When I don’t experience something after really working it, I try it differently, or something else.

What about you? Are you happy with your story, or are you open to a new experience? Better now than later!

from Love, in Peace,


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