Take charge of your life

The-path-you-chooseImagine if today you could start your life all over again and you knew everything you did today. What would you do given the circumstances of your former life, and all you knew that happened then? Would you start by taking your own advice, that advise that’s like a voice from within you? Or, would you listen to everyone around you who may be struggling, working hard and getting nowhere and think that is the way of it?

We have choices we make in every moment in which we are either responsible for every change we make or we give that power to someone else. If we listen to the thoughts of others instead of following our own advice, then we leave ourselves at the effect of external circumstances. If we take responsibility for our actions and our life going forward, then we can choose our direction, and even have a clue as to where to steer our course, if our initial one doesn’t work for us. Remember, attitude does play an important role in our changes. Whether you think you will fail or succeed, you are right!


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