Attention and Intention

What do you want? Have you stated the intention of your desire? Did you know that is just the first step? Once you know what you want, you need t bring that front and center. The only way to do that is to think about it and focus your energy on it. When you think about, do you say, “I can have this!” or “I don’t deserve this!”? In other words, what do you do […]

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Spirit Education and Anne Naava Dewey, RScP, a teacher with Spirit Education are offering a $30 discount on her new course “5 Levels of Attachment” by don Miguel Ruiz Jr.  Sign up for the course here!  Join this engaging self-paced study of The Five Levels of Attachment and explore where you are attached in your own life, how this can deepen and lighten up your relationships with family, friends and coworkers, as well as how […]

Me? Let go of my story?

“Be patient where you sit in the dark, the dawn is coming.” ~ Rumi Just as the periods between light and dark are cyclical, so to are all things in life. Life as we know it is cyclical as well. we are born with nothing and we pass on from this life with nothing. Life is designed in a cycle that upon renewal, there is no baggage to take with us. Some people take a […]