Suzanne Squires, R.Sc.P.

“The answer to your problems lie not in Gods willingness but in your ability to believe” Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You.


Suzanne has loved Science of Mind for more than thirty years. But it was not until she had a midlife crisis that she decided to study Ernest Holmes in depth.

Suzanne became a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner August 1st 2012. What Suzanne loves most about Science of Mind is its ability to transform lives. She explains “Personally, it moved me from living from effect to being the cause of my life.” As a practitioner, Suzanne can assist you (her client) in living a life beyond your wildest dreams. Suzanne’s Practitioner sessions include dialogue, Spiritual Mind Treatment and can include visioning and guided meditation. Suzanne welcomes animals as clients as well. She also offers end of life consultations, Blessings and Life Celebration Ceremonies.

Suzanne also writes poetry and children’s stories, paints canvases and rocks and enjoys taking photographs of nature.
She lives in Delaware with her wife Hattie, their standard poodle Oliver and three cats, Marley, Charlotte and Barney.
Suzanne has a beautiful daughter Caroline, who lives nearby in Rehobeth.

She studied animation at the New School in New York 1977 and attended Goddard College 1974-76.
She studied under acclaimed poets Denise Levertov and Louise Gluck in 1974.
She learned Transcendental Meditation 1977.
She is a graduate of EST Training and several of their other programs 1979-84.
Her book of poems, “Air,” was published in 1998.

Being an ardent animal lover is a primary reason she started her pet ministry, Prayers 4 Your Pets. If you would like prayer support for you or your pets, please contact Suzanne HERE.