Our Director


Rev. Jim Starke, BA, CIW, has been successfully self-employed for over 35 years, as a carpenter, a manufacturer and web designer, among other things. In about 2002 he was introduced to the Science of Mind after moving to Florida from Puerto Rico and knew he was home. He had found a group of “like-minded” people.”

“We all know what to do. Now we need to learn, ‘How and why to do it.'”

He is presently an Ordained Minister, teacher, and Spiritual Counselor with Centers for Spiritual Living, as well as a business/ life coach. His former ministry, “Spirit On The Road“- a mobile outreach, helped to start Study Groups, organize them, and bring the Science of Mind to them, in areas as yet under served by Science of Mind with non-accredited Distance Learning Courses. His ministry was both virtual and face-to-face. You can find it here, at www.spiritontheroad.org and through Facebook, Twitter and his blogs.

His present Ministry, Spirit Education, once an extension of his former ministry is now his primary focus. Aiding others in finding their purpose in life, helping them rise out of whatever place they are in to become more, and knowing that each of us has that capability is his goal for you. We are so much more than we think we are, and we can each find that higher more enlightened self, if we will but allow ourselves to take the first step, and the next one, and move beyond the fear that keeps us from doing that.

 Spirit Education offers spirit guided courses the are eligible for both practitioners CEUs and general spiritual awareness and upliftment.

Rev. Jim’s personal passion is “Awaking Ministers and Practitioners to their Optimum Online Experience.” Many of his courses will focus on the technical side of Ministry.

“We all know what to do. Now we need to learn, ‘How and why to do it.'”

One of his favorite quotes is “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science.” –Albert Einstein