Spiritual Growth

In my early 20’s, I walked into a funky, little bookstore on the main street leading to the capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin. I was really missing college and looking for some mind stimulating reading material. “A Handbook to Higher Consciousness” by Ken Keyes, jumped out at me and I decided it was interesting enough to take it home and get a closer look. I soon learned that this was advanced stuff. In fact, I didn’t know anyone who even came close to living like this. I quickly disregarded it because I couldn’t believe that anyone could ever attain such a high state of consciousness. Surely I knew of no one in my circle, which was pretty limited now as I look back. It remained on my bookshelf for another 15 years before I would pick it up again. Having matured some, it now began to make more sense to me. I read it cover to cover hoping that my familiarity with the material would assist me in learning how to live in such a high-minded way. Another 12 or so years later, I picked it up a third time and I finally began to see that it really was possible. This book has truly been a guide and handbook for me…priceless.

Having a fascination with books since my early beginnings and being an avid reader, I was inspired to be a writer. I always knew there was a book in me early on. The only problem is when I decided to sit down and start it, nothing came. I realized I hadn’t had enough experience yet to write about. What I needed was some real life experience and boy did I get it. With that under my belt, and a new way to look at life, I knew it was time. Now I had something to share that would help others who were struggling out there as I had been. Finally, a way of thinking and seeing clearly that could make a difference gave me the inspiration to start. The title, “I Can Do This Thing Called Life and So Can You!” came to me 8 years before the book was published. During that time, the title served me as a mantra and the writing, itself, further reinforced everything I learned, so much so, that now I could pass it on. I wanted to create a book that could provide a lifeline or handbook to others just like Ken Keyes. And so I did!


Guest Post by:
Rev Cath DePalma, Central Florida CSL
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