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From This Thing Called You, by Ernest Holmes pg. 60

Everything you have ever thought, said, done, seen, learned or experience, has left an imprint upon your subconscious mind. This subconscious also contains memory images of your family life, your ancestral background and the sum total of what the whole world has thought or believed.
These memories are not dead things. Quite the reverse, they are active.

From The Principles of Healing, by H.B. Jeffrey pg. 74

For healing is largely a matter of contagion. We have used that word as though its meaning were appropriate only to disease and undesirable conditions. We have linked it in our minds with pathological states. But contagion is a perfectly legitimate word in relation to good. there was a contagion of peace and joy, happiness and serenity. There is a contagion of the sense of opulence and bounty.

From me. . .

As practitioners, we are here to represent the Science of Mind teaching as a power for good and for change on our planet. We are here to be a contagion for love, healing and possibility. When random people see YOU, do they see someone walking in the light of Truth? In my mind, this is the goal. In order, to support this high calling though, we must stay aware of the influences that surround us and that preceded us into this incarnation. We each carry with us, not only who we have been in this lifetime, but we carry our ancestors. Are we at the mercy of this? – NO, not ever but we are called to be conscious about it and to treat in a focused way. Taking time to release the pain of the old, to practice forgiveness for what was.
STAYING conscious, in this case means using the only tool we use to direct our mind (or the mind of your client) to a place of freeing oneself from what was – and that means that which has been given to us through the ages. As Dr. Holmes said above: “These memories are not dead things. Quite the reverse, they are active.” I REPEAT, we are not at the mercy of what was, but we are called to do our work in consciousness.

Much love to you on this glorious day! Remain Brilliant, the world needs your brilliance.

Guest Blogger:
Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

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