Self Love

self-loveAs soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. ~ Garth Henrichs

One of the main aspects of trust, whether for yourself other toward others is “Love.” I am not talking about the mushy, sloppy type of temporary high school or lusty love. I am speaking about the love that endures. Oft times we see that as friendship or the unconditional love that we feel. Self love is a prerequisite to the love of others.

We don’t often think of self love or when we do think of it, it’s in the negative ways, such as self-serving or self-aggrandizing. We see the boisterous and pompous and they are our most visible mis-examples of self-love. Usually this type of behavior is a disguise of those devoid of love.

Self love starts with taking care of yourself obviously, but it also means that you are happy as you are and willing to add greater prosperity and greater good to your life without harming or taking anything away from anyone else.

Then, the natural extension of that is empathy and caring for others. Until we begin to love our “self,” we cannot start to love others. Grand examples of those who care for others are the Dali Llama, Pema Chödron, fr. Richard Rhor, and Pope Francis, but there are billions of lesser known people who are absolutely comfortable with themselves and are loving, caring people. It probably includes you, so, as usual, I’m talking to “the choir” as it were.

If this strikes a chord in you, or you would like to hear more, let me know.

~rev jim -Spirituality Online
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