Self-Love or Narcissism


“If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take to name yourself?”

A Facebook friend recently responded about post image about self-love that she was afraid it sounded narcissistic if she stated that. I guess my direct comment would be, “yes, it would, if you would go around declaring that to everyone,” but what I feel is that self-love is the basis for loving others.

Narcissism is total lack of love for self and others. It’s really a self-loathing that out-pictures as, “It’s all about me” and what “I” do, and nothing about you. The individual is trying to convince themselves that they are a loving person and deserving of Love, because no one does. They usually believe that money, fame, notoriety, bombastic behavior, which always draws attention, are the behaviors that not only draw people to them, but also make people love them.

People are drawn to that type of behavior today, or at least it seems so. That’s most of what you see on the internet and the news, because it sells, and attracts “likes.” There are also other things that can attract “likes” beyond outrageous behavior and cat videos, Loving thoughts.

They’re not good press though. That’s why there is little success with websites about good news or loving thoughts, or at least less sharing of those sites.

Remember, Hate only begets more hate, but when you respond to hate with love it becomes disarmed. So, if you find yourself in the presence of outrageous behavior from someone, just send them love. You don’t need to embrace them with anything more than your mind, if you don’t feel inclined, but it can have a healing for you and you never know what it may do for the other person.

from Love, in Peace,

~rev jim starke -Spirituality Online
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