Season for Peace & Non-Violence and Love

Today marks the beginning of the Associated Global New Thought’s Season for Peace & Non-Violence.

love-messyI would live to see us all begin to embody this thought, but I am powerless to make it happen, in so much as, I cannot force anyone to desire this or want this to be the norm, which it is not.

Everywhere you turn, people are messing with the peace of individuals, communities, cities, states, nations, and even the planet.

If we were to take to heart and begin to embody the teachings of Jesus (Love), or Buddha (Love), Abraham (Love) or Muhammad (Love), and begin to truly “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and a God of our individual choosing, we would see profound changes all around us, beginning with ourselves.

If we viewed everything through the lens of L-O-V-E, we would begin to look at everything in a new light, because it would be new. Everything we thought we knew about people would change, because with love comes compassion, and with compassion comes empathy, and with empathy comes the realization that we are not really that different. All that was Black and White turns to shades of gray, and our similarities begin to become more important than our differences.


Because, when we are loving someone we find ourselves in alignment with that person. We find we are more willing to understand what that person is saying, and while we may not agree with everything each of us says, we can accept their ideas as their own, because when we speak from Love, we speak our our thoughts from the heart. We say what we truly feel, and not someone else’s idea.

It is as if we are reborn, which ultimately we are, into a new me, you or us.  Don’t get me wrong, Love can be messy at times, but, if there are no strings attached, it is always good.

So, on this, the first day of the 64 days of The Season for Peace & Non-Violence, tell someone you love them.

Pass this on to someone you care for.

-jim s  #aworldthatworksforeveryone


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