Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh is the founding Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey, a New Thought and Metaphysical community dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals to live a fully expressed life while developing a deep and profound relationship with God and lives a highly responsible life. As a minister, Rev. Michelle invests most of her time developing curriculum and processes to lift and empower practitioners. She currently serves at the highest level of international leadership for the Centers for Spiritual Living. She has also served for three years on the Diversity Commission, and a variety of Educational sub-committees.

Michelle is a powerful teacher and leader who helps to cultivate individuals to be conscious leaders. Her focus is teaching others how to live full and potent lives grounded in high integrity and authenticity. Peace in our world begins first with our own healing because a healed and whole person will always be less likely to harm another. It is for this reason that Rev. Michelle is devoted to teaching wholeness and then inspiring others to act from that wholeness. In addition to her passion for Peace and developing conscious leaders she is a potent facilitator for transformation, working both in groups and individually.

Rev. Michelle is a dedicated wife, mother of three sons and a grandmother of two. She shows up for her family with equal commitment as she does for her spiritual community.

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