Peeling away the layers

onion-peelWhen I’m peeling an onion, I often think about the phrase, “peeling away the layers,” which, of course, is what we do. I heard that often during my college career, again in my banking career, and even later, when I was a contractor, I used to peel back the layers of a house I was renovating to reveal the underlying skeleton of the structure to get a true picture of how to begin a project.

Now, when I’m speaking with a coaching client, I find myself listening while they peel back the layers of their life, so that we can find a point to build something new for them. Peeling away the layers is a process that is sometimes painful, but ultimately fulfilling, if you’re willing to stick with it, because it brings us back to ourselves. If we are willing to dive deeply into our problems, and do it objectively, and not assess blame to anyone, we may find freedom from whatever issues we may have had. When we do that, we create a void, which can be filled with something completely new.

It requires deep inquiry and a willingness to look at the times that were difficult as well as the times that were good. When you get back to the starting place where things started not to look so good, dig a little more to make sure that wasn’t just another effect of the original problem.

When you find that will you then be willing to make that change, to correct the original error and move into a new idea or direction for yourself? If you need help in finding the starting point or initial error, there are a variety of people you can speak with from spiritual or life coaches, to ministers and mental health professionals.

Change can only happen, if you’re willing to do the work. Are you ready?

from Love, in Peace,

~revjim -Spirituality Online
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