peace-wb-optPeace has been a focus in my life for many years. As we move forward, we must know peace in our hearts before we see it in our world.

I found my peace in nature and subsequently in any task I take on. In that way, it has become a contemplative practice for me. Even as I sit here and type this, I notice every letter of every word, so typing becomes a meditative thing for me. Try it sometime when you’re washing the dishes, or doing some otherwise mundane task. It takes on a whole new meaning.

So now peace has taken on a new dimension for me. Every year I celebrate World Peace Day. Originally I would celebrate at CSL St. Augustine, but now I have begun to do it online. Follow the World Peace Day link above for current details.

In October, I will be beginning a Peace Meditation online, in October. Information will be available soon.

I created this Peace sign with the word “Peace” on it in 45 languages. It is available as a tee shirt HERE!