Peace in the midst of it all.

1887638Peace is an inner thing, a feeling, and a knowing that, above all else, you are alright.

Beyond that, to me, Peace is the inner knowing that I am loved. That, above all else, there is something in me, call it a life force, that is eternal and will live on for longer than I can ever imagine.

I know and feel this, because even our bodies don’t cease to be. Their form changes back to the basic elements, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, but it doesn’t just disappear and evaporate into nothing. And our soul, or consciousness, becomes free and returns to the ethers. I say ethers, because until it happens, it is the unknown. I don’t believe it is to be feared, although many do, because they don’t understand it. Their faith or trust in the universe hasn’t grown that awareness of the Oneness of all life. You can better understand by more consciously observing the natural world.

But, do not look at the natural world from an adversarial perception of life going extinct. That has been happening for millions of years. Look at it from the view of the eternal interconnectedness of life, and the constant cycle of living. Life is about living. Dying or transitioning, as some call it, is just a movement of life from one form to another.

So, if you’re open to it, embrace peace and begin to embrace life from a new understanding of the eternality of all things.

~revjim -Spirituality Online

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