Paula Carpe, R.Sc.P.

Paula began her spiritual journey in the early 1980’s exploring many religions, New Thought philosophies., Buddhism, Yoga, and meditation. In 1990 she was introduced to Ernest Holme’s SOM at the Walnut Creek Church of religious Science with Rev. Virginia Surrell. Of all the philosophies, SOM Spoke to Paula the loudest, and she heard the calling to complete SOM Practitioner training while serving the Church community,

 Knowing that SOM principles are an essential key to move through this thing we call life, Paula set out on a journey traveling the world.  She became an entrepreneur, event and workshop facilitator, marketing strategist, IBO business mentor, weight-loss and relationship life coach, travel agent, and real estate agent. Her spiritually rich and diverse life experience provides a unique blend of peaceful yet powerful guidance for her clients.

In 2011 Paula followed an inner calling to become an active member of Golden Gate CSL with Rev. Karyl Huntley. She served as the Core Council Events lead while facilitating Spiritual workshops and events and completing another seven years of spiritual study and a second round of professional Practitioner training. Her final year of practitioner training was with Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson’s Online class.

Grateful for all her teachers and mentors, who have supported her journey, and the wonderful life experiences that have now brought her to be part of the Spirit-Edu CSL community professional Practitioner’s team.  Paula is excited to be of service in person and virtually. She supports the important virtual movement to help expand Global awareness of SOM.

Paula is passionate about sharing SOM spiritual principles and practices that enable you to live your most authentic, purposeful, and creative life. One of her greatest joys is her spiritual practice, assisting clients in remembering the Truth of their magnificence.

Paula is available to meet with clients online, by phone or in-person, for Prayer Treatment, guided meditation, speaker engagements, weddings, funerals, house blessings and master-mind retreats teaching tools for transformation.