Oh Woe Is Me?

“We will never get anywhere unless we can accept the fact that politics is an inextricable tangle of good and evil motives in which, perhaps, the evil predominate but where one must continue to hope doggedly in what little good can still be found”.

Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation, Pg. 116


Fears-are-storiesLife is full of perceived good and evil. Every day we make choices in how we live our lives. We can get caught up in our emotions about all the things that are happening in the world and try to effect change in a haphazard way or worse yet, allow ourselves become emotional basket cases, whereby we become useless to ourselves and those we thought we might be able to help.

Instead of this self-destructive route, we could take pause, first to see how these things we think have so affected us to make us this way by looking at the bigger picture, and ask, “How has my life really changed since that thing happened?” “Can I see this as a lesson in some way that will make me stronger, or do I just give in to fear, and allow this thing to define me.”

Remember, things have no power, except the power we give them of ourselves.

-rev jim starke


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