No Mud, No Lotus, A Journey into Forgiveness!

Course Description:

Welcome to a course designed around the heart of forgiveness that is combined with the strength of Principle as we practice it in the Science of Mind.

If you are a practitioner with a goal to work with others, this class is a must for you to always work effectively. Check out the Testimonials.

This course is new because we ask YOU for feedback. The course is now six weeks long and it is incorporating more practices, prayer partnerships and now we will be diving deep into our cultural pain and story for the purchase of rising up out of it and in our family lineage of pain so that we, each of us, can become the change agents that we, as Practitioners, are ordained to be. It is powerful, deep and very comprehensive.

One of the most direct ways to clear out those unconscious and unwanted influences is through the practice of forgiveness. Although I greatly admire the work of Colin Tipping and his work: Radical Forgiveness, for me one thing was always missing – PRAYER. Prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment used and applied in a very specific way offers the opportunity to clear out the effect of old pain in the most potent, comprehensive and permanent way. We, those practicing the Science of Mind, have our hands on the best tool for transformation, but it must be applied with great precision.

Forgiveness is spiritual in nature, but it is also very logical. You will learn to look at all aspects of your being to bring about the freedom that comes with forgiveness.

Prerequisites: Minimum Requirements Practitioner 1 Student Status or Rev. Michelle’s approval.

Pricing: $150  

Dates: September 26 – October 31, 2019

Time: 7:30-9:30pm Eastern, 4:30-6:30pm Pacific 

Where: Online in ZOOM 

Length: 2 hours a week for 6 weeks

CEUs: 12 CEU’s available for Practitioners

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Scholarships & Discounts: Scholarships, and discounts for Canadian Ministers, and Practitioners and those in need of are available on an as needed basis.  Also discounts for returning students! Email Jim for discount information before signing up.

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If you are considering taking the class No Mud, No Lotus, I encourage you to say YES! It is a yes to yourself and a “yes” to your clients. The concepts, practices, and experiences of the class shifted my perspective 180 degrees. And the dedication, power and profound wisdom of Rev. Michelle Wadleigh are unsurpassable. She takes her teaching and calling seriously, but not herself. She is funny, easy, and real. Just do yourself a favor… say Yes.   -AH, RScP

I loved the prayer work we, the students, did with each other, the treatments you provided for us to use during the week and I also loved the scripts that you created for this purpose. -Lynn

We have been taking Rev. Michelle Wadleigh’s class, “No Mud, No Lotus.”  It is excellent.  It has been a real opening.  -TP

No Mud No Lotus was a powerful four-week adventure. Rev. Michelle left us wanting more. There is a penetrating depth to her teaching and it has staying power. She not only invites you to “up your game”, she provides tools to do so.   -Rev. Faith

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Many Blessings of freedom and joy! –MEC

I’m seeing a greater Truth that is quite sweet & so supportive. Yay!  –JF