Navigate & Thrive in This Post Election World

“Navigate & Thrive” 

I hope you will join us in a “4 Week Discussion” of Ken Wilber’s essay on Trump and a Post-Truth World: An Evolutionary Self Correction. It can be downloaded off the web at  . It is a stellar example of how “Applied Spiral Dynamics” can be used to frame current situations in today’s socio-politico- economic climate. The new understanding which emerges helps us cope with the feeling of overwhelming change. 

The white paper is an 80 page tour de force on viewing the election of Donald Trump (and even Brexit!) as an illustrative example in which evolution is “adjusting its course” when it has gone astray- or as Ken Wilber says we are witnessing a “self-correcting evolutionary alignment”. The apparent “mayhem” we see is an effect of the evolution of the leading edge of consciousness in action. The pain we experience is identifying with too narrow a view of reality and subsequent misunderstanding of what is transpiring. What he helps us see is the context and also, as I see it, the hope. As we widen our view to a more extensive stance, we ease the angst which paralyzes us, and can discern where our actions might be appropriately taken.

We are asking a Love Offering, and we turn no one away. 

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