Rev. Mary Altalo, RScP

mary-A_100Rev. Mary Altalo, RScP,  has been a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner since August 2012. As a Practitioner she is trained to assist clients in replacing false beliefs that are blocking full self expression and replacing them with Spiritual truths. In her previous career, she received her PhD. in Marine Biology, and worked in the field and in the classroom for 40 years. She has also attended Seminary with the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch and is now an ordained inter-faith minister. We are happy to have Rev. Mary join us at Spirit Education to share with us and you her unique perspective and gifts as a scientist, teacher, Practitioner, and minister. Rev. Mary lives in Edgefield, South Carolina just outside of Augusta, GA with her two dogs, Belle and Beau. Mary is delighted to be associated with the Spirit Education Focus Ministry, and enjoys teaching, treating, gardening and reading. Her Sophia Ministries offers conscious sacramental services, including baptisms, holy matrimony and burials. Prayer and healing services are available, as are spiritual empowerment retreats and women’s circles.