Loving that which is within you.

“Though you may travel the world to find the beautiful, you must have it within you or you will find it not.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

heart-lightThe idea of finding the beauty within you is based on “Loving what is” as it is right now. Can you love the seemingly imperfect you as you are, a little fat, maybe falling short in the hair department, and whatever else shows up as your imperfections? It doesn’t mean you can’t change your appearance, or your temperament. What it means is that you love yourself the way you are right now, and you’re not going to beat yourself up, if you have trouble losing weight, or don’t have Cher’s hair or Bill Gate’s money.

It means that you’re all right as you are and can love you without reservation.

How can you possibly love someone else, if you don’t love you? How can you build a sustainable life without the joy of exploring you first? You are not responsible for your metabolism, but you are responsible for you thoughts, for what you think and say. Love, compassion, empathy, all these things form a positive, fulfilling view of who you are outwardly as your world. Fear, loathing, despair, hate and other dark ideas and thoughts build an ominous, foreboding and fearful world view.

You can buy into the world as it appears to be in the news, or you can build your own view of the world as you perceive it from this day forward.

What are your most outrageous expectations for a life worth living? What are you willing to give up to see you grow into that idea?


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