LeaderServe is being rescheduled for January 2020. Date changes will be posted soon.  

We are instead going to offer a FREE intro workshop to LeaderServe, so that its purpose can be better understood.

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” ~Brené Brown

This new course offering by Rev. Michelle is designed for those who want to be a leader in Spiritual Community but are new to a leadership role, including committee, board members and practitioners. The intention is to lead consciously through Love and Compassion, while we learn to build greater Empathy. LeaderServe is about cultivating a workship ministry. We will learn to identify and make changes within ourselves to help us grow our communities in greater ways. 

Takeaways for LeaderServe:

  1. Increase your language around powerful leadership.
  2. Put into practice the skills learned.
  3. Develop your “workship” as a ministry.
  4. Experience leadership as joy.
  5. Increase your emotional literacy as a leader.
  6. Lead from your beingness and not from your ego.

The cost is $150 – 6 weeks,
This class is Online in Zoom

12 CEUs available for CSL Practitioners
$90 per person when two or more from one Center signup together. Email me for the discount code.

More Soon!

Email me @ jtstarke@gmail.com for discounts for multiple members of a Center 

Download the PDF Poster for your Center [HERE]!

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