Laugh Out Loud! Lol

make-me-laugh-d884e93a2b0d0bcae52ee11e89e2c30c7c5f0a50-s51As someone who loves a good laugh, I know there’s nothing better than an infectious laugh to lift your spirits! Think about the last time you really had a god laugh. It still brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? That’s because you let go of everything else and you’re present in the moment. All your troubles fall away, all your pains are forgotten, and all you think about is the probably outrageous statement or joke that has just been shared.

Life is a journey. It is one that should not be taken too seriously. And, it is one that should be enjoyed. To enjoy life you need only surround yourself with like-minded people. “Like-minded” doesn’t mean people who are all exactly like you and agree with everything you say. They are people who have similar likes and needs, and similar dispositions, like enjoying a good belly laugh, often!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Have a great day!

~revjim -Spirituality Online
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