Rev. Dr. Joann Lanning

Rev. Dr. JoAnn Lanning has been around metaphysics for over 40 years assisting individuals to live a richer, fuller and peaceful life.  In this process, she has helped people to connect to something greater than they are in a loving and accepting way, as they take charge of their experience.  She has served on Dr. Terry Cole-Whitaker’s T.V. ministry, served on church boards, as an assistant minister and volunteering in many different departments from 1978 – 1980. 

JoAnn has taught many successful Licensed Practitioners. 

Rev Mark Anthony Lord says, “Dr. JoAnn is a true minister – meaning it is in her soul to lead a spiritual community into a greater purpose, passion, and awakening.  She attended my Meta Model training program.  The fact that the Meta Model easily lives within her, and her understanding of it makes her a brilliant community builder, that builds communities that last.”

The attributes she has as a minister is her ability to assist people in connecting to Source, and teaching them how to be in alignment so their bodies can heal in a safe environment. They become who they truly are seekers of truth.  She is a caring and involved teacher, counselor, listener and public speaker who is loved by her congregations.