It’s now available!

Mystics as Mentors 1: a Journey into Unitive Consciousness Fall 2015!

In May we had a soft opening for our classes and Rev. Mary Altalo taught her first unit of Mystics as Mentors: a Journey into Unitive Consciousness!

The six week course is being offered again on September 23rd at 7pm and will run for six weeks.  This study of Jesus, John, Thomas, Paul and Mary Magdalene, in light of the Science of Mind and Ken Wilbur’s Spiral Dynamics, Paul Smith and Fr. Richard Rohr, is a university grade study of the 1st century mystics. It is worth the time of any minister, practitioner or anyone, for that matter, that loves to delve deeply into the works and consciousness of the mystics and how they relate to today and our lives! Join us as we go into this study deeply, and with spiritual practices.

Use the coupon code “EB-MM-01” at checkout and get $30 off the price of the course through September 10th. I hope you can join us.  Please tell your ministers, Practitioners, and congregation.

Join us and sign up at “The Learning Center” at

~rev jim  #needCEUs #spiritedu