It’s a Choice.

you_decideEverything we do, everything we engage in, is a choice for each of us. How we act. How we “re-act.” Who we choose to be with. What we wear. What we read. Nobody has put a gun to our head to help us “choose” and no one is going to take responsibility for the things we do.

Life is about choices. We make them every day from the time we get up in the morning until we doze off at night. How we show up when we make these choices defines who we are. There are consequences to all of our choices, some we perceive as good and some bad. Some consequences are immediate, some are not so obvious.

When we make a choice and accept our part in it, we never have to be worried about being caught in a lie. When we don’t, we risk our actions taking on a life of their own and growing into something bizarre. Truth is always the best path, though it may not sometimes seem that way.

~ rev jim

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