Inka Omholt, Steward

Everyone has a story…you are not your story!

inka-150x150You may have come to a point in your life where you realize how your past has created the life you are now living.  You have gained wisdom, understanding, and peace about past.  You are feeling more hopeful about the future….

You may be saying to yourself, “Life can be better. I don’t know how to get there.  I can see where my life got off the path, and I want to make new choices…be the person I was meant to be, the person I have dreamed of being….”

This is where working with a spiritual practitioner can really make a difference.  I can assist you in helping to create a new vision for the future, helping you to grow your faith in the spiritual goodness of life.  I can also help you develop faith in your choices and in the unfolding Divine process of your life.

My work is to listen compassionately to your ideas, your obstacles, your hopes and your dreams and vision, and together  find a pathway into a new tomorrow…a tomorrow of your vision and choosing.

Inka Omholt became a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner in 2013.  As a Practitioner, she trained in assisting her clients to achieve  realization and acceptance of the Divine within themselves, replacing misguided beliefs with spiritual truths.  She also trained in helping others establish a spiritual practice of their own that assists them in living their fullest expression of a joyous life.

Inka lives in Kennett Square (near Philadelphia), Pennsylvania with her husband Ray. She brings to her spiritual work extensive training and experience in corporate management, a ten-year entrepreneurial career, as well as a formal certification as a Life Coach. Though she has chosen to relinquish her Practitioner license, she now facilitates a Labyrinth Walk in Pennsylvania.

Her passions are supporting others, metaphysics, and women’s issues. Her interests include reading, yoga, classical music and travel.

Inka looks forward to working with you and assisting you in your spiritual expansion and living a life you desire. Please feel free to contact me or 610-213-7230.



  Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it…Ernest Holmes