In Process

Caution-Work-In-Process-YellowIt’s a funny thing. I have never really believed in being “in process.”  I have always believed and lived by the idea that you do something until it doesn’t serve you anymore, and then move on to  something. more interesting and exotic maybe that works for you and for everyone around you. I have always been. very clear about my life and all the people in it, where I am in relation to them,and in relation to how my life unfolds. 

It’s always been very apparent to me, because there was always a feeling that I’ve had when one part of my life was complete and new chapter was beginning. This clarity always made it a pretty easy transition from the old place to the new. Whatever angst there might be over the change was always removed with my initial immersion into my new career, location or relationship. There was never a process, never a long intro that left me wondering if I was doing the right thing. I always jumped into life with both feet.

When I came to Science of Mind, I noticed that being “in process” seemed to be fairly common and in talking to different people I noticed that it was a convenient way of not moving into a new idea of one’s self. “Oh’ I’m working on that, but it is in process.” Some people I knew when I first came to the teaching are still “in process.”

But, you can’t experience that rush of new life, if you’re always in that state.  Last year I moved myself out of one fairly lucrative business and into another business just as I always had, but there has been one area of my life where I seem to be “in process” and I just realized I have been for over four years.

What’s up with that? Am I in denial? Oh crap! I just realized there are two areas.

So here I sit, a hypocrite. I’ve got some serious work to do to get to the place I want to be, and I can’t expect anyone else to do it for me, although I think that’s what I’m waiting to happen. And’ it’s obvious that’s not going to happen.

I need to heed my own words and just do it. Get off my butt, and make the moves I need to make. If they’re not right, that’s OK. I can always try again. That’s what life is all about. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

So, stay tuned and I’ll update you in the months to come.