I trust the process.

rock-balancing“We will never get anywhere unless we can accept the fact that politics is an inextricable tangle of good and evil motives in which, perhaps, the evil predominate but where one must continue to hope doggedly in what little good can still be found”.
-New Seeds of Contemplation, Thomas Merton

Richard Rohr also talks about the complete person being beyond the “broken world” and, in a broader dialog, that without spirituality we are incomplete, not a whole person. This is a similar to what Thomas Merton speaks to in his writings about the whole person being a balance between the ego-driven human self and the spiritual, higher self.  Then we can see beyond the politics and we can go from “Who has the power here?” to, “How can I serve here?” First, we have to find ourselves and then we can be happy with whatever the world throws at us while asking “how can I help?”


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