I Think I Can!

Have you ever thought about the change that can happen in your life by a simple change of attitude? Like the “little train that could” a simple change of attitude from “I can’t” to “I think I can” can make all the difference! can you say, I think I can?

Now, remember, the “little train that could” didn’t just say “I think I can” once, the trick is to repeat the affirmations again and again, so that it becomes the dominant thought in your mind, just like the “little train that could!” Say, I think I can, or better yet, I know I can, or simply, I can!

It amazing how these little children’s stories can take what seems like something surmounting adversity and reduces it to its simplest component. They usually work on one simple concept and offer anew possibility of how to conceptualize it. Isn’t that a kinder, gentler way to work through our issues anyway?

Think about the last time you told someone you can’t do something. Was that true? is it truth that doing that thing is beyond your mental or physical capacity or is it that you won’t do it. I’ve had friends who have said, “I can’t learn Spanish.” I said, “say, Buenas Dias ” and their response was “I can’t” when, in fact, they were saying “they won’t.” It amazes me how much we limit ourselves by our words. How are you limiting yourself?

~rev jim

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