I Can Do This Thing Called Life and So Can You!

Spirit Education is happy to announce its first of what will be many classes for 2016.

Rev. Cath DePalma announces her class, “I Can Do This Thing Called Life and So Can You!”

ICDTTCLifeThe class is based on her book by the same name and is a journey into ourselves that will help us get aligned with the bigger picture that is already underway.

This course is designed specifically to:

  • Help yourself take a more active role in the creation of your own life.
  • Build a working relationship with Spirit, as your Ultimate Source, that will bring more meaning to everyday life and a feeling of support you never knew was possible.
  • Teach you practical, spiritual tools to use every day that will insure you greater success

See yourself in a new way. Get a greater perspective on your life. Give yourself a glimpse of what is possible in their future.

Join us for this 8 week adventure getting to know the Real You!

For more info, go here: https://spirit-edu.com/learn/courses/i-can-do-this-thing-called-life-and-so-can-you/

~rev jim