I am Held in the Hands of Grace

Grace-2What does this mean to me?

It means that whatever I do, wherever I am, God has my back.

It means that Spirit always watches over me. It means that if I get hurt, God will help to heal me, to reveal the truth of the moment to me. It means that, when I die, I may cease to exist on this plane, but I do not cease to exist. I will transcend death, just as Jesus transcended death. I know that I am always in the hands of grace, and it allows me to move through life with a light step, rather than the fear and worry that weighs so many down.

Grace is something we can practice all our lives. We don’t have to wait until the end is near. Life is so worth living without a heave heart, and without taking the burden of the world upon our shoulders.

That doesn’t mean we don’t care for others. It doesn’t mean we hold back our help. It means we can be compassionate without suffering, comforting without taking on another’s grief as our own. We can care for others without giving up our own joy for living.

From our joy for living, others are actually uplifted from their despair. And when we feel the pain of some suffering, the hands of grace surround us naturally, because that’s what karma does. What we give to others is returned to us.

Try it sometime. Show someone you care about them. Feel the love.


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