How do you start your day? (Happy or grumpy)

Happy-Grumpy-300x224I still remember when I left my banking “career” and became a carpenter on a small island. From the first day I moved there, I would wake up in the morning and greet the sunrise through my front window and proclaim, “What a glorious day! I may not be in first place, but I’m way ahead of whatever is in second place!” I’ve never forgotten that and though my waking prayer has become much more contemplative, I awaken always grateful for where I am and for the “New” day!

Why would you even want to wake up thinking about how screwed up the day could be? Why put that out there for the universe to pick up on and reflect back to you? When we are born anew every day, we have the potential every day of building a new life. Why start it with unwanted thoughts of how it should be.

Start your day with thoughts of how it “could” be!

from Love, in Peace,

~revjim -Spirituality Online
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