How Attached Are You?

In this current political season, it is easy to see other people’s attachment. And hopefully, that allows us to also see our own.

Does being attached serve anyone? Does it help the situation? Or does it further polarize everyone involved? And is that #aworldthatworksforeveryone ?


Change your thinking, change your life

attached- holding tight

Holding on- being attached

In Science of Mind, we have a catch-phrase: Change your thinking, change your life. This means that if there is something in our lives that we want to change, we can change how we think about it and thus bring a different result in our lives.

As you may know, this works in any area you can imagine, from health to work to inter-personal relationships to finances and more. When we allow the possibility of different thoughts and points of view, we free up our mind to all sorts or new opportunities and freedom. We move through the world lighter, freer, happier. In short, less attached. Just like getting out of a rut lets a see a brand new vista, letting go of old thought patterns opens the horizon in our lives.


Listening Allows Understanding

In Don Miguel Ruiz Jr’s book, The Five Levels of Attachment; Toltec Wisdom for a Modern World, he describes 5 levels or ways of mental/emotional being, ranging from non-attached to fanatic.

My Listening catIn the book, don Miguel Jr encourages us to listen deeply to other people’s points of view without interrupting with our own beliefs. That includes not interrupting them in my mind. This practice provides an opportunity to understand the person’s hopes and desires. And at the bottom line, we all want the same things: Peace, love, happiness. It’s just that in a world of billions of people, we have widely varying ideas about how this can be accomplished.


Are You Attached?

not attched- letting go

Let go without losing

Do you catch yourself being attached? Maybe more attached in some situations than others? Are you able to turn it around in the moment?

Can you become less attached without losing everything? It’s an ongoing practice, isn’t it?

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