Hope as a Possibility

hopeOften, people say don’t accept hope as a possibility, because it is also trusting in the alternate, the possibility that what we are hoping for won’t happen. I don’t put a lot of faith in this idea.

I believe that beyond all doubt, Hope “of achieving something” is moving in the right direction. To have hope IS a positive movement in consciousness. It is a starting point. While it may be difficult to “Know” you are the manifestor of your good, because you are an individualization of the Divine and your thoughts create your reality, it is possible to hope that your desire can come forth, because you believe it might. It’s a starting place, and once you have one realization, it becomes easier to believe it can happen again. When it does, it can then happen again. At this point, it becomes less about hope and more about “Knowing the truth of yourself as a participant in your future.” It is less about being at the affect of the world and more about co-creating your world. What do you hope for?

~rev jim


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