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The Book  5 Levels of Attachment by don Miguel Ruiz Jr.Spirit Education and Anne Naava Dewey, RScP, a teacher with Spirit Education are offering a $30 discount on her new course “5 Levels of Attachment” by don Miguel Ruiz Jr. 

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 Join this engaging self-paced study of The Five Levels of Attachment and explore where you are attached in your own life, how this can deepen and lighten up your relationships with family, friends and coworkers, as well as how you can better serve your clients in freeing themselves from attachments that are robbing them of Joy and Freedom.

This 5-week self-directed course is an exploration of the book The Five Levels of Attachment; Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World, by don Miguel Ruiz, Jr, which continues the self-exploration and deepening of The Four Agreements and The Fifth Agreement written by Miguel’s father, don Miguel Ruiz.

The Five Levels of Attachment discusses our attachments to our beliefs. The 5 levels go from the zen-like non-attachment of Level 1 all the way up to the fanaticism of Level 5 where we are completely unaware of our beliefs as a choice.

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Remember Practitioner Renewals require CEUs!

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Rev. Jim Starke
Spiritual Director, Spirit Education