God is God is God!

I shared this phrase not long ago online and was called “Satan Spawn.” I found that curious and somewhat perplexing from a Christian, as the God of the Christians into which I was born, evolved from the God of the Hebrews, and their God and the Bible stories evolved from the God of the Assyrians, and the God of the Muslims evolved through the same texts also. In fact our Bible in its present form was the product of the Council of Nicea, called by Emperor Constantine to bring all the minor Essene sects together as one under one religion governed by his empire. Religion has always been about control, not about the God of a religion. Religious differences and ambiguities have been the impetus for countless wars since man began to form tribes and socio-economic groups. Muslims, Jews, Protestants and Catholics, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus and others: religion still pervades governments and drives divisions within governments.

Fortunately for the world, as the centuries go by, ignorance and smallness has given way to reason, and the divide is shrinking as religious zealots become fewer and fewer. When will the many names for God be universally accepted by all? Maybe, when greed and self-aggrandizement no longer hides behind its moniker.



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