Truth-Ahead-compressedWhat is it about truth that seems so difficult to comprehend? Are we afraid that if we speak our truth that we will leave ourselves exposed or open to criticism? Is it that we think we may be caught up in a lie? Or, is it something even deeper?

If we are talking about a universal truth, we are speaking of something that is true for everyone, and many times, even that is subjective. The truth is. Whatever we share is our opinion. It may also be held by others, but invariably it is a version of a truth held by others.

Point: When we speak of God, some people may believe there is no God. Some may believe that it should be a small “g” god.Others believe the only God is that of the Christian God and all others are not the true God. That is true for many in almost all faiths. Some people believe God is a he, others a she, and still others believe God is without sex.

The point is, few agree on who or even what God is.

This leads me to the place where, I can only speak from the truth I know. The truth I speak, I do from my authentic self, and yes, I sometimes leave myself exposed to whatever, but when I do, I never have to worry about whether what I said is the same thing I told someone else. I never have to wonder, “will I get caught in a lie?” While I know my beliefs may have changed, and that what I believe today may not believe what I believed yesterday, I know what my old belief was, so the change isn’t a surprise to me, and I can say “Yes, I used to believe that, but my beliefs have changed.

In the authenticity of my sharing I have accepted responsibility for my beliefs.

Does that make sense?

In The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz speaks of living an “impeccable life,” and this means doing nothing that harms anyone else while at the same time reaching for your highest possibilities of you. Is this the impossible to attain ideal? Not if you make it your truth every day.

Just imagine what the world might be like, if everyone lived an impeccable life!

~ JT Starke