Everywhere, nowhere, and now here

nowhereFunny, I first heard the “No where-Now here” phrase shared by Dr. Wayne Dyer in one of his NPR shows for one of his books years ago. He was referencing the nature of God or the universal force behind all things. I guess I’ve never been into anagrams, but I find it telling yet incomplete.

God is, as most define It, everywhere present. God is the unseen(nowhere)behind all things, the divine impulse that powers the universe and everything in it. It goes from being the “nowhere” to the “now here” by our prayers and affirmations for things to change in the life of the faith filled through prayer and affirmations.

What seems to be left out is that God, being everywhere present, all the time, is always in our lives, every minute of every day. As a constant presence, we have the opportunity to “practice the presence” very minute of every day and, in fact, do without even realizing it.

Why do you think our lives can be in such turmoil because our thoughts are so chaotic so much of the time? Could it be because we are in denial about the way things are in our lives? Could we embrace the place where we are in the present moment, and begin to change how it looks from that place? Or, are we happy with the stories we have made up for ourselves casting the blame on someone else for our unfolding unhappiness?

If there is some unhappiness in our lives, we must step up and take responsibility for our own complicity in its unfolding. Once we are able to do that, we have the potentiality of changing what isn’t working for us and growing from the realization of it.

If we have a thought that we desire a better job and walk out of the interview saying, “I’ll never get that job” or “I don’t deserve it,” we probably won’t get it.

Why? Because we are always connected to the Divine Source. Remember? It is everywhere present! Whether we call It a vibration, an impulse, the Breath, Source Energy, God or whatever, we become out of sync with our self. That’s the short of it, you know.

So, stay in sync with you. Remember, not only is your life unfolding from that which is “Everywhere, nowhere and nowhere,” but it unfolds “Always” and “in All Ways!”


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