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Ernest Holmes
Ernest Holmes is the founder of the Religious Science spiritual philosophy. He was a teacher and drew his teachings from the common truth of all spiritual philosophies.
Science of Mind (1926 edition)
This is his original work, which is set up as a series of lessons.
Science of Mind (1938 edition) not in Public domain
This is the issuance we presently use and refer to as the  “Textbook.”
  The Introduction to the “Text Book” is the bulk of the first year of study and the basics of the Science of Mind.
     The Thing Itself
     The Way It Works
     What It Does
     How To Use It
Creative Mind (1919)
     This is his first published work
Creative Mind and Success (1919)
     One of my personal favorites and my first read Science of Mind book
Brave New World
     An article by Ernest Holmes

Emmet Fox
He was an early New Thought Author, healer, and minister. He had a strong influence on the AA movement.
Emmet Fox Speaks
Your Heart’s Desire

Ralph Waldo Trine

coming soon

Judge Thomas Troward
When we talk of Judge Thomas Troward we refer to his influence on Ernest Holmes as being the “Law” we refer to “Love and Law.”
The Edinburgh Lectures

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Emerson was one of Holmes’ earliest influences and the thinker who started Ernest on his journey. Emerson is the Love or heart of the teaching. It was Ernest’s first contact with the transcendentalist movement.
Spiritual Laws
The Over-Soul

Dr. Frederick Bailes

Charles F. Haanel
The Master Key System
Mental Chemistry

Florence Scovel Shinn
The Game of Life and How to Play It

Napoleon Hill
Think and Grow Rich

Neville Goddard
The Power of Awareness

Evelyn Underhill
Practical Mysticism